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How to find safe and secure LoL smurf accounts

League of Legends (LoL) isn’t just one of the most played PC games in the world however it also boasts one of the most loyal fanbases. According to an article on, League boasts over 32 million players worldwide with over 1 million concurrent online users! This is great news for the league however it could be problematic for those who aren’t as skilled in the game.

LoL is a competitive game. You’ll see a lot of LoL players with very high level of skill. If you aren’t one of them you should consider purchasing an account with a smurf rather than attempt to “tough out” in lower levels.

There is no requirement to be an experienced gamer to play LoL. It’s not just about saving time, but also be able to save money by purchasing an account here. We’ve been offering smurf accounts for sale to gamers from all over the world for quite some time now We are aware of what to be looking for when providing accounts that will be beneficial to you.

Tips to ensure that your game experience is as good as possible!

Find Out Which Account to Buy

You can buy LoL accounts between levels 30, 20 and 30. For beginners the primary distinction is in the amount of IP (In-game currency). It can be utilized to buy runes and champions.

To perform at the top levels, you need to purchase accounts that offer the most value for the money you spend. To do this there are a few things you need to be looking for –

1. Runes: The number of rune pages included with an account is crucial. It is important to ensure there are enough runes available for your favorite player and play style. Also, if you’re a fan of a lot of champions, it could be an ideal idea to buy accounts with a number of rune pages instead of just one.

2. You should ensure that your account is stocked with all champions available to maximize your play time and access to all other LoL features, including ARAM and the ranked games. If you’re looking for a complete listing of all the champions in LoL then check out this page.

3. Skins Available – Skins may be used to change the look of your preferred players. You should avoid buying accounts that don’t come with skins (unless you don’t want any) because the looks of your character may affect the level of enjoyment you have from it. Check out our full list of services here.

4. Influence Points (IP). LoL has a microtransaction system that allows players to purchase unique runes and champions for real money. The most appealing aspect of the game? All items purchased will stay in your account for the rest of time. It can save you time and money by purchasing accounts with a large amount of IP.

5. Number of wins that are not ranked – LoL has a mode of ranked play that lets players compete to be the best. Another one is called ARAM (All Random Every Mid) These modes offer the chance to win prizes such as IP as well as rare skins which will encourage you to continue playing. To show that you are actually playing the game not just testing it out, ensure that your account has at a minimum a few wins unranked.

6. Account Privacy If you don’t want your account’s details to be visible be sure to create a secure one. This allows you to access the email associated with your account only. This is helpful if you worry about sharing your personal information to anyone else. They will not be able to gain access to the account without having the password.

These easy steps will ensure that you have a positive LoL experience.

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