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Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Developers and designers are increasingly creating sites that cater to mobile devicessince this is where the majority of their income comes from. In order to ensure excellent UX on these smaller screens, it’s vital for designers/developers in the field of web design or development to be proficient in designing these websites as they will be vital in the creation of an app-based website that requires special care due to the limited space available. This also includes speedy loading times because many people go straight onto their phones while checking email during lunch breaks.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

May flowers are awaited by April showers. That’s why we are getting more rounded corners as well as more vibrant hues on web pages. Similar to form inputs and avatars on profiles, backgrounds are no longer restricted to 90 degrees. They are interesting from multiple angles. This can help your users remain engaged for longer durations. Making sure your website fits with current trends will help foster trust between yourself + potential customers , allowing them to not just to purchase from you but to also recommend your products to boost sales by a significant amount.

Additional Animations and Interactions

jQuery and other web technologies make animated websites popular. These scripts can make your site, not only a platform for reading printed text but also provide interactivity between the user and page elements which was previously limited to what you could do with images before they were introduced into the worldwide web.

The web is becoming more interactive. Transitions on pages, sliding information panels, or even simple animations are a great way to make your website appear alive without resorting back to the 1990s-style sexiness that we are all familiar with so well. The greater interactivity generated by methods such as these help to drive traffic towards revenue-generating activities on a website , which can allow you to achieve an increase in your per-visit (RPV).


Many companies are now making use of the HTML5 video tag to protect their websites and ensure they remain up and running. With more platforms available for video hosting (including streaming) companies are able to manage this with greater ease than they ever have before. The use of these tags lets the videos of companies to be seamlessly integrated into their websites and give an increased number of players.

Video Backgrounds

With video backgrounds in the ascendancy it is possible to use them to your advantage and increase engagement with customers. This is because they help to increase conversion rates through providing greater details on what a company has to offer in less space than traditional images do , which makes videos easier for customers who might not take the time to read all day.

Video backgrounds can boost awareness of your brand and increase return visits. It’s been proven all over the world, in addition to for certain types like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies that help you grow your business and increase time at your site, while increasing the engagement of your customers.

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