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What Is Sadaqah Jariyah, Charity Ever-flowing?

Islam can teach us there are various ways to earn rewards and also to give. Sadaqah jariyah(which is an act of charity that gives back after the reward has been received is one of the ways. If you are able to plant seeds to grow trees, then they can offer shade during hot summer days as well as warmth in winter. This means that your good deeds will not end in one moment but will continue to last forever because their fruit will continue to provide nourishment for a long time into the future.

Jariyah is a term used to describe charity in Arabic. There are many kinds of jiraiya’s that one can donate towards , and we’ve chosen five examples to illustrate how you might engage with this kind of charity. We hope you are inspired by these ideas to continue supporting others through sadaqah.

Sponsoring a Child/Orphan

Today, there are millions of children in the world who are denied an education and even more that miss out on the fundamentals required for success. It’s sad, because the children will never know what they’ve been missing. Let us help them achieve their goals by offering high-quality early-childhood programs that allow every child to discover how valuable knowledge is and also to take in different perspectives.

Now is the time to work together to ensure that future generations live better lives than us today.

The contributions of people in making sure their kids are taken care of are often neglected, however it could provide a chance at prosperity and success not just for the individual or family. A child’s sponsorship ensures they will be able to attend school and acquire the abilities that they require to be successful in their chosen career. This makes your sponsorship contribution much more significant than those who can qualify for help through the Child Sponsorship Programs.

Education, Skills, Teaching / Spreading Awareness of Islam

Islam is a faith which is a reward for knowledge-sharing. The people of the religion, Muslims, have a obligation to fellow Muslims. Instructing someone to read and understand the Holy Quran will bring you an award. Each time your student recites or teaches another person the tenets of his or her religion, they will both be learning. Instead of just passing away one day and not doing any good deeds in any way.

Building of a Water Well

Imagine living without access to purified drinking water. It’s already difficult to obtain this basic need to live a normal life But what happens should you lose it? It’s difficult to carry on your daily routine and look after yourself and be employed in an area where proper hygiene practices are essential (think health care). This can be made challenging when you consider the fact that many countries in the developing world aren’t able to meet their needs. They rely heavily on aid from abroad and often receive it with a minuscule amount of return.

Participating in the construction of a Mosque or School or Hospital

Many religious individuals choose to give to mosques and schools to benefit from the benefits. You can also give your time and money to the construction of an orphanage. It will benefit others that are struggling. This is one illustration of how giving back can be more rewarding than purchasing material products along with all those prayers.

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