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What you need to know before buying Microsoft Office account for home and business

Recently, Microsoft has made some changes to Office 365. End users can choose between two different types of accounts: Home and Business accounts.

Home is associated with one person in a true sense, whereas you’ll have to include all the people in your business if you opt for a business account. If you’re not planning to share your files with anyone else at work, then home is better. A home-based account is ideal for those who have several computers working. It is possible to use the same address for all of them. However it is if you only have two or one PCs within your workplace, then business is better because that way you will be able to share your files and folders with other users. This will be easier to control them.

Maximum 5 email addresses per account In case these are going to be used as your primary address, the first address is your primary address, the second one is an alternate address, and the list goes on. This feature isn’t accessible for home accounts, however it is available for business accounts. If you select the home account, your first email would be your primary one just like in normal situations but, as of now, all emails that follow will make use of this username as the name of their sender. This could cause confusion as they appear to have been sent by you even though they were sent by an individual from your company.

Limit on file size The maximum file size for a Home account is 20GB. If you have huge files to send the files to, a business account would be better. Every user has access to 1TB of storage space on 365 webmail (Hotmail/Outlook), which allows for virtually unlimited file size.

The primary use of a home account is for sharing emails between you and your family members. There are no restrictions regarding other things, aside from the fact that you can’t share any documents. Business account however, has no limitations whatsoever regarding sharing files , or not. However, it does not permit users to share their email with other users (so all users will need his own mailbox).

More details: Microsoft Live, Outlook and Hotmail accounts can be added up to five users. That means to establish a new email address, we need at least two accounts. Business accounts don’t limit this and can be added to as many as you want.

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